About Us

Looking for the best way to hit the trails with your four-legged friend?

At DoDoggo, we’re all about getting outdoors with our pup. Our website is tailored to help you get off on the right paw and make hiking fun and safe for both of you.

Husky dog running

What is this site all about?

We provide helpful tips that’ll make it easier for you to plan hikes and trail runs, complete safety checklists, find pooch approved gear and advice from experienced hikers who have made sure their doggo stayed happy while they were out exploring new trails!

Our Goal

Make it awesome!

With DoDoggo by your side, you won’t ever look back – just up in awe at how awesome these two legged (and four!) adventures can be when done right! Get ready to explore nature like never before – leash up and let’s go!

What Dog Hiking Gear Does Your Buddy Need?

Before embarking on your next adventure, make sure to equip your pup with the right gear. Check out our curated list of dog hiking gear to ensure your buddy stays safe, comfortable and happy on the trail.