Best Dog Collar for Pulling Dogs 2023

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What is the best dog collar for pulling dogs?

Best dog harnesses to stop pulling? What are the best options for long walks and hiking? Because a pulling dog is no fun. It is no fun to walk such a dog, and it isn’t fun for the dog either. The good thing is that it is possible to make things better with the choice of the right gear. However, it is only half of the solution — training is even more important.

Check the list below to find the best dog collar for your buddy.

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Best Dog Collar for Pulling Dogs 2023

Collars for dogs that pull? What to choose?

Which one is the best best dog collar for pulling right now? A full harness or collar? Choose what suits your four-legged buddy the best.

1. Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness (Click for More Details)

An adjustable large dog harness for walking.

Overall, the best dog collar for pulling / harness, our favorite.

Also, the best collar for large dog that pulls. It’s an overhead harness, which means that putting it on is super easy. Just slide the harness over the dog’s head, buckle it up, adjust the straps if necessary, attach your dog leash, and you’re all set for a hike in the woods or that walk in the park.

This no-pull dog harness features 2 leash clips for extra safety and versatility, and soft cushion for extra comfort of your dog during the exercise.

The harness is available in several bright colors.


2. True Love No-Pull Dog Harness (Click for More Details)

A durable, padded dog harness with two attachment points.

This adjustable no-pull dog harness is made of sturdy materials, and features double stitching and sturdy buckles which will hold back even stronger pullers. There is soft padding on the chest and belly for extra comfort. The harness features two attachment points for extra control. One of the attachment points is located on the back/neck area, and the other — under the stomach.

There is also a back handle for additional control.

Reflective nylon webbing ensures good visibility.


3. Petsafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Head Collar (Click for More Details)

A head collar for small, medium and large dogs.

The PetSafe headcollar is a great solution for leash pulling, lunging and jumping. It gives you full control over your four-legged friend while stopping it from pulling and choking on walks. The head collar features two loops, a quick snap buckle and a D-ring where you can attach your dog leash.

How does it work?

Put the first loop around your dog’s muzzle, and another – behind the ears. This head collar will fit snugly on your dog’s head and prevent your dog using its chest to pull. It will also eliminate the pressure on dog’s throat. Now you’re all set for a hike in the woods or that evening walk in the park. Speaking of evening walks, do you have an LED dog collar?

The nose loop is padded for extra comfort.


4. Petsafe Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness (Click for More Details)

An easy-to-use harness recommended by vets.

The PetSafe Easy Walk no-pull dog harness features two no-pull technologies — the patented Martingale loop and a front clip.

Not only the harness tightens when your dog pulls, the front clip allows you to gently steer your dog to the side. Your dog will be discouraged pulling from the chest and won’t be able to use all of its strength. No more gagging and choking — the harness is resting across your dog’s chest instead of its throat.

The quick-snap shoulder and belly straps allow you to fit the harness easily.

The PetSafe harness was created by a veterinary behaviorist, and is recommended by vets and trainers. Thousands of users online call it the best dog walking collar for pulling dogs. If you are one of them, if it is one of the items on your dog hiking gear list, let us know in the comments.


5. Auroth Tactical No Pulling Dog Training Harness (Click for More Details)

An adjustable, heavy duty harness for small, medium and large dogs.

One of the best harness for pulling dog. It’s soft, yet durable.

Just like the rabbitgoo it’s an overhead harness, which you can easily put on and take off. All you have to do is to close two buckles and do some adjustment, and that’s it. The harness features two leash rings, one in the front and one on the back of the harness, which adds to the versatility. On the top there is a durable handle for extra safety.

As one of the best hiking dog harness it’s well padded, for your dogs well-being.

The harness is available in several colors.


6. Country Brook Petz Martingale No Pulling Dog Collar (Click for More Details)

A cheap dog collar that will prevent your dog from pulling.

Just like the other Martingale style dog walking collars, the Country Brook Petz collar does not feature a buckle. Not having a buckle, the dog collar is escape-proof. It simply slips over the head and tightens when pulled. The collar features nickel plated steel hardware for extra strength. Made of soft nylon webbing, the Country Brook Petz dog collar is durable, yet soft. It won’t break or fray easily.

The collar comes in several sizes and is adjustable.

Use the Martingale sizing chart for the most accurate fit.


Dog Hiking Harness

Collar vs Harness for Pulling Dogs

How to stop dog from pulling?

A no-pull harness is an effective way how to stop your dog pulling on the lead. For many it is also a safer choice, it doesn’t hurt a dog — it is tightened around its chest, rather than throat.

There are multiple types of no-pull dog harnesses.

Consult a vet to choose the best harness for your pet.

You may also use a martingale collar to stop your dog pulling on the lead.

What’s the difference between a martingale collar and a regular collar?

A martingale collar tightens as a dog pulls. Not only it will prevent a dog from choking, but also from escaping the collar. Many dogs have heads that are the same size or even smaller than their necks. With a regular collar, it’s way easier to escape — when a dog backs up, it may be able to wiggle out of the collar. Whereas the martingale collar tightens and prevents it from coming off. A martingale collar also tightens if the dog is pulling on a leash.

Chain and Prong Collars

We strongly advise against using them on your own.

Because when used improperly it can cause serious injury for your dog.

These types of collars must be used carefully, under the guidance of a professional trainer. They are not for inexperienced dog owners. These types of collars also aren’t suitable for all dog breeds.

Training, Training, Training, …

No-pull collars and harnesses are not a substitute for training.

For your own safety and comfort it is very important to train your dog. Training will discipline your dog and will help you build a strong bond with it. Training will also help keep your dog, as well as other pets and people safe. If you plan to do a lot of hiking, it’s important to train your dog for hiking.

What is your experience with pulling dogs? What’s the best dog harness for no pulling you have tried so far? Or is it a collar that works the best in your case?

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Please note that the information provided in these articles is intended for informational purposes only and should not replace professional advice from a veterinarian or dog trainer. Always consult with a qualified expert before making decisions regarding your dog’s health, well-being, and training.

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