Dog Hiking Gear Checklist 2023

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Best hiking gear for dogs.

What are the best dog hiking accessories?

How to choose the right hiking gear for your four-legged buddy? What are the best options? Is it okay to go hiking with dog off leash or no? Can a dog carry some or all of its own essentials, and what is the best dog water bottle for hiking right now? Answers to these and some other questions you will find in this article. About many of these things we also talk in separate articles (all linked below).

Let us help you to find the best dog accessories.

Best Hiking Gear for Dogs 2023

Here they are, some of the best dog hiking accessories.

Everything from dog hiking booties to carrier backpacks and strollers. For availability, more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon. Just click on the name or image of the item.

1. Best Dog Leash for Hiking

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash (Click for More Details)

An adjustable, running and hiking dog leash.

Overall, the best dog leash for hiking and camping, our favorite.

The leash is attached to the belt with a sliding carabiner, giving you and your dog even more freedom of movement. It’s a bungee leash, that extends up to 5 feet. The leash is made for medium and large dogs. You can, of course, use it also with a smaller dog (below 30 lbs / 13.6 kg), but take into account that the bungee is quite strong.

This waist dog leash features reflective stitching that run the length of it.

Available in 2 colors.

LENGTH: 48” – 60” / 1.22 – 1.52 m

WAIST BELT SIZE: up to 42” / 107 cm

Baapet 5 Ft Dog Leash (Click for More Details)

A very simple leash for medium and large dogs.

A great option if you don’t want a hands-free leash, but a regular cable dog leash. The leash is made of strong 0.5 inch rock climbing rope, and features a durable clip hook. The handle of the leash is padded for extra comfort. Thanks to the highly reflective threads you’ll be visible also in the evenings and at night.

If what you value the most is the simplicity of a product, then this might be the best hiking leash for your needs. And if you have a medium or large dog.

Available in several bright colors.

LENGTH: 5 ft / 1.52 m

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2. Best Dog Harness for Hiking

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness (Click for More Details)

An adjustable large dog harness for walking.

Overall the best dog harness for hiking.

It’s an overhead harness, which means that putting it on is super easy. Just slide the harness over the dog’s head, buckle it up, adjust the straps if necessary, attach your dog leash, and you’re all set for a hike in the woods or that evening walk. This no-pull dog harness features 2 leash clips for extra safety and versatility, and soft cushion for extra comfort of your dog during the exercise.

The harness is available in several bright colors.


Auroth Tactical Dog Harness (Click for More Details)

An adjustable, heavy duty harness for small, medium and large dogs.

One of the best harness for dogs that pull. It’s soft, yet durable.

Just like the rabbitgoo it’s an overhead harness, which you can easily put on and take off. All you have to do is to close two buckles and do some adjustment, and that’s it. The harness features two leash rings, one in the front, one on the back, which adds to the versatility, and a durable handle for extra safety.

As one of the best hiking dog harness it’s well padded, for your dogs safety.

For extra visibility use it with an LED dog collar.

The harness is available in several colors.


How to put a dog harness on a dog? If you are using an overhead harness like the rabbitgoo — just slide the harness over the dog’s head, buckle it up, adjust the straps if necessary, attach a leash, and that’s it.

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3. Best Dog GPS Tracker

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker (Click for More Details)

A real-time GPS tracker for dogs that works in over 150 countries.

Overall the best dog GPS tracker for hiking, our favorite.

A great pet tracker is almost like a phone, and just like a phone it needs a SIM card. It means extra costs and also extra safety for your pet. The tracker works everywhere where there is mobile network, and just like your phone’s GPS it provides very accurate location data — you always know where is your dog. That is the best thing about the Tractive Dog Tracker.

Another great thing about this tracker is that it allows you to be notified whenever your pet leaves any area you have marked.

SIM card is included, you have to pay only for the service.

The tracker works also as a dog fitness tracker.

BATTERY LIFE: around 10 days

Zero Monthly Fee GPS Dog Tag

Petfon Pet Gps Tracker (Click for More Details)

A long-distance pet GPS collar tracker without a SIM card.

As I already mentioned, a great pet tracker is almost like a phone, and just like a phone it needs a SIM card. It gives extra accuracy and you are able to track your pet even from the other side of the world. But not all trackers are the same. There are also also long-distance trackers without a SIM card.

The only real drawback is the range.

It is better than with Bluetooth trackers, but not half as great as with the best long distance pet trackers with SIM service. In this case it is between  0.65 miles in downtown/densely populated area to 3.5 miles in open environment.

The other drawback is the price. This tracker costs more than its competitors. At the same time you pay more only once, and there is no any monthly fee.

Overall a great and reliable weather-resistant dog tracker with GPS.

BATTERY LIFE: 8 – 16 hours

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4. Best Dog Backpack for Hiking

Onetigris Dog Backpack (Click for More Details)

A sturdy, dog backpack – harness for medium and large dogs.

Overall the best dog backpack for hiking on the market.

If you’re going on a longer hike with a dog, it’s a good idea to pack some of your buddy’s stuff in his own bag. This is where dog backpacks come into play. A bag like this can be used both as a harness and a small backpack.

The OneTigris dog pack is available in 2 sizes and features 2 zippered compartments for dog food, snacks and disposal bags. In the middle there’s a sturdy handle. How much weight is too much? It’s always better to start small. According to the manufacturer, 10% of your dog’s body weight is a good starting point. When in doubts, definitely don’t pack the bags any heavier than 1/10 of your dog’s weight.


Lifeunion Dog Saddlebag (Click for More Details)

A waterproof dog backpack for hiking and walking.

Just like most of the best dog packs for hiking also this one is built to offer both comfort for your dog and give you place where to store your pets essentials. So it’s both good for you, and doesn’t hurt your pet in any way. Unlike most this bag is also fully waterproof and thanks to its color and 4 wide reflective strips also highly visible also at night.

There’s a big zippered compartment on both sides of this backpack.

The backpack is made of durable polyester material.


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5. Best Dog Water Bottle for Hiking

Malsipree Dog Water Bottle (Click for More Details)

A high quality water bottle – portable water dispenser.

Overall the best dog water bottle for hiking, our favorite.

The bottle is available in 2 capacities, 12 oz and 19 oz, so you can use it both as a small dog water bottle, as well as for bigger dogs and / or for longer walks and hikes. Thanks to the silica gel seal ring the bottle is fully leak proof — keep it in your bag or in the water bottle pocket. Because of the size you can easily carry it in your carry on size backpack’s water bottle pocket.

The bottle can be operated with one hand, and you don’t need a separate water bowl as you have a built-in cup.

The bottle is available in 2 colors.

CAPACITY: 12 fl oz / 19 fl oz (354 / 532 ml)

Lumoleaf Water Bottle for Dogs (Click for More Details)

A sleek design, portable dog water bottle – bowl.

Unlike many other dog water bottles this one looks more like a regular water bottle, but also this one comes with a built-in water cup / bowl. In this case it’s a foldable cup, which when not used fits to the bottle. It looks great and is convenient. The bottle is leak-free and can be carried in several different ways, also attached to your backpack using the included carabiner.

It is 100% food-safe, but you shouldn’t put it in a dishwasher.

The bottle is available in 3 colors.

CAPACITY: 20 fl oz / 592 ml

20 fl oz / 592 ml is the average capacity of a dog water bottle.

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6. Best Dog Boots for Hiking

Ruffwear Dog Hiking Boots (Click for More Details)

All-terrain dog hiking boots for medium and large dogs.

Overall the best dog boots for hiking, our favorite.

The boots are lightweight, available in several different sizes, quality built and ready for all kind of adventures. They feature rugged Vibram outsole for added traction and flexibility, and are made of breathable mesh fabric for better ventilation. Thanks to the easy to use hook-and loop closure system putting them on is easy and safe.

There are small reflective elements for better visibility during the night.

The boots are available in several colors.

Pawz Dog Boots (Click for More Details)

Disposable, 100% biodegradable dog booties for rain, snow and hot surfaces.

Not the most durable choice, but one of the most comfortable for your pet.

What makes the Pawz dog boots to stand out is that they are so thin, there’s no thick rubber sole, and as a result it feels much more natural and secure for your dog to be walking in them. They do protect the paws of your pet, but without making it feel unnatural. Best for short walks and hikes.

The boots / shoes are made of rubber, which makes them weatherproof and suitable for all kind of conditions, be it snow, muddy trail or hot tarmac. Speaking of the latter, don’t be there for too long, though. If it’s hot for you, it’s most likely too hot for your buddy as well.

There are 12 pairs of shoes in a pack.

The shoes are available in one size only.

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7. Best Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack (Click for More Details)

A quality carrier backpack for small dogs and cats.

Overall the best dog carrier backpack for hiking, our favorite.

First of all, it’s a great, water resistant and comfortable backpack. This dog backpack for hiking has padded back and shoulder straps for extra comfort. The bag is machine washable and features a removable interior pad – easy to clean. Secondly, it’s a versatile bag, which you can use both as a pet backpack and as a regular backpack. There are both compartments for your pet and your belongings.

On the front and top of the backpack there is a padded handle, so you can carry it in several ways. On your bag, or in two ways in your hand. And it also has a waterproof bottom, which adds both to comfort of your pet and ease of use.

Even though it’s a carry on size pet carrier backpack, always double check the carry on guidelines of the airline you’re flying with. They aren’t the same for all airlines, and they also tend to change.

The bag is available in two colors.

DIMENSIONS: 13″ W x 21″ H x 10″ D (33 x 53 x 25 cm)

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Yudodo Pet Dog Sling Carrier (Click for More Details)

A very comfortable backpack both for you and your dog.

Overall the best small dog carrier / chest dog carrier.

This sling bag is made of leather and mesh. The super wide shoulder strap is well padded, and there’s a pocket on it for your phone or something the same as small. The pocket has no cover, though. Just like the main compartment has no cover. Thanks to its design the bag can be easily worn with a bigger backpack on your back.

The bag is available in several colors.


The best thing about having a frontal sling bag is that you can easily carry a regular backpack on your back.


8. Best Dog Strollers for Hiking

Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ Berry Pet Stroller (Click for More Details)

An all-terrain dog stroller for small and medium dogs.

Overall the best dog strollers for hiking and long walks.

One of the most important things about a stroller is its wheels (type and size), especially if you plan to use it on rough terrain. In this case the stroller has air-filled tires – just like most of the strollers mentioned in this article. Thanks to that not only pushing the stroller is easier, but it also provides a much better shock absorption and comfort for your pet. The stroller features two large pocket for essentials and snacks.

If you plan to travel by bicycle, it is possible to attach the stroller to it, but you will need to get a bike adapter. The adapter isn’t included.

The handle of the stroller is adjustable, the stroller itself – foldable.

The stroller comes with a pump.

MAX WEIGHT: up to 60 lbs / 27 kg

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9. Best Dog First Aid Kit for Hiking

Arca Pet Cat & Dog First Aid Kit (Click for More Details)

A comprehensive pet first aid kit in a shock-proof case.

Overall the best dog first aid kit for hiking, our favorite.

It consists of 100 pieces: dressing, gauze, tape, alcohol pads, sting relief pads, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, antibiotic ointment, tongue depressors. On top of these first aid supplies, the manufacturer has included an emergency pet thermometer, emergency collar and a tick remover. All of it comes in a shock-proof and water-resistant hard case with sturdy grab handle and durable zippers.

A small, 6″ x 4″ (15.2 x 10.2 cm), pouch is included. You can create your own compact kit for the times when it is not necessary to carry the full first aid kit. All of that together makes this comprehensive first aid kit the best first aid kit for dogs you can get online.

DIMENSIONS: 8″ x 6″ x 3″ (20.3 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm)

10. Best Dog Beds for Camping

Furhaven Pet Camping Bed (Click for More Details)

A packable multi-purpose pet camping bed.

One of the best dog beds for camping, our favorite.

The Furhaven bed is low profile and made of lightweight fabric. It is lightly padded and, in fact, is a lot like your sleeping bag, both by look and feel. That is if you would be sleeping on it. The bed comes with a storage sack. Taking care of it and washing it is super easy. The bed is fully machine washable, just like all of the best washable dog beds.

The bed is available in several sizes.


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Dog wearing small backpacks on its back
Featured photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Hiking With Dog off Leash

Sometimes that just isn’t an option because of other people.

Other times it’s a bad idea because of the safety of your dog. It may just run away. Hence it’s very important to know your dog well before going on a hike together. You have to prepare your dog for hiking. Because, yes – hiking with a dog can be a very fun and rewarding experience, as long as you prepare for that.

If you’re a very active hiker, it’s a good idea to have a dog with an equal energy level and physical abilities. Not all dogs are fit for hiking long distances.

It’s also important to understand what your dog can and can’t do. Not all dogs are great for hiking and extra long walks. Not all will do well off the leash and in the wilderness. On this website, we talk more into detail about what makes a great hiking dog.

What is your experience with dog hiking accessories?

Featured photo by Marcin Jozwiak from Pexels

Please note that the information provided in these articles is intended for informational purposes only and should not replace professional advice from a veterinarian or dog trainer. Always consult with a qualified expert before making decisions regarding your dog’s health, well-being, and training.

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